Meet Oz

Owner & General Contractor

After more than 30 years in the trades, and more than 25 years as a general contractor in the area, Ozzie Ozsvath, or “Oz” as he’s more commonly known, has some deeply-ingrained beliefs when it comes to building homes. In his view they’re not simply structures, but places where families will come together to make lasting memories. That’s an honor he doesn’t take lightly and a responsibility he feels to every customer who comes to Prestige Homes & Remodel for the kind of master craftsmanship he and his team are known for. They understand his passion from the very first conversation and it stands out from all the rest.

Oz believes, as the client, your input is vital to ensuring the home you’re delivered is everything you wanted and more. That means clear and open communication throughout a project to make certain the details are just right. It can’t be perfect without your involvement, so make the right choice and “Come Home to Prestige

Ozzie Ozsvath, owner at Prestige Homes & Remodel in Satna Rosa, CA.

Why Choose Prestige Homes & Remodel to Build Your Home?

It’s our job as your contractor to use your ideas and input as inspiration to build the perfect home for you and your family. To us, it’s more than a profession, it’s a calling.

  • Residential Homebuilder
  • Commercial Contractor
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Remodel Specialist
  • Detailed Communication
  • Architectural Design
  • Budget Planning
  • On-Time Completion

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  • Contagious Enthusiasm

    Kevin and I want to thank you for everything that you’ve done to our home! We couldn’t be happier. When we were looking for a good contractor to build our addition, we didn’t expect to come across someone so passionate about what they do. Your contract and bid were so clear and concise. That is something we have never seen done so well. We loved the way you budgeted everything in, from the dirt to the doorknob. That saved us a lot of time running around. Most other bids we received were very vague and un-clear, prompting many questions and concerns. In these trying times, many contractors cut corners and raised profit for themselves. Your bid was very realistic and honest. I personally want to commend you for your passion, creativity, and having a real sense what the homeowner envisions. This is a true gift; seeing it through the eyes of the homeowner. You have so many great innovative ideas. You saw what we wanted and made it come to life, even better than we could see it ourselves. You even suggested ideas that would save us money. Your professionalism and enthusiastic attitude are rare in this industry. You were available to us 24/7 no matter what time or day. That was really important to Kevin, should he have questions later in the evening. Your crew was one like no other, always arriving early (never late once), and always happy! They were always smiling, singing and happy to be at work. You inspire everyone around you and your enthusiasm is contagious. Your workers were always so respectful and considerate to us, always cleaning up before leaving for the day. I never thought I’d see anyone using a shop-vac to vacuum a sub-floor! These guys were a complete joy to be around; I truly miss seeing them every day. They took a lot of pride in their work, always paying attention to every detail. Lastly Ozzie, everyone always says to trust your instincts – go with your “gut feeling”. Kevin and I both knew the night that we met you, that you were the one. You are so sincere and down to earth, thanking us for choosing you over all the others. You are the model of what every contractor should be. You truly are a gem in the rough.
  • Attention to Detail

    As you know this kitchen remodel has been something that Jenny and I have envisioned for a long time. We knew how important it was to remodel our kitchen to fit the old world charm of the McDonald Historic District, while ensuring that it had the amenities of a present day kitchen. When we finally embarked upon this project, we were skeptical that we could find a fair, honest and dependable contractor that could see our vision through. We interviewed several contractors and received several bids for the project. After reviewing them all, we felt that they were best suited for the project. We based our decision on several factors, price, previous experience and overall attitude of the general contractor. Once we started the project you and your team showed us that we were not wrong in our decision. The overall attention to detail and craftsmanship have been present throughout the project. We honestly felt that you had our best interests in mind every step of the way. In the end, our original vision of this old world design, meets modern day kitchen has been crafted exactly the way we envisioned. We LOVE our new kitchen and can't wait to invite all our friends over to see what has been created. Thank you to you and your team of guys for making this all happen. We look forward to working with you on future projects
  • Fair & Competitive

    Over the past several years we have had Prestige Homes and Remodel do four significant projects for us. The pricing on the work and materials was more than fair and competitive. The cooperation and flexibility that we experienced was excellent (“Yes, we can still do that” was what we needed to hear at times). The jobs were completed in a timely manner. This is important to us. In the past we have had some very bad experiences with projects that have taken well beyond the stated completion date. And, of course, the quality of the work was what we expected it to be. Would I recommend Prestige Homes and Construction? Of course! In fact, feel free to have anyone contact me.
  • Cheerful & Friendly

    Debbie and I decided it was time to embark on our home renovation journey. I went through many drawers and found Ozzie’s card. We made a telephone call to him and scheduled our first meeting. Using plans drawn up, for us, by our architect, Ozzie placed a bid on our project, along with two other contractors. We accepted the Castle Inc. bid and signed a contract. From that point on our project moved smoothly, and in a timely manner. When unforeseen circumstances arose, and adjustments were required, we easily discussed solutions, and moved forward. Our project consisted of the addition of a master bedroom and master bath. The enlarging and complete remolding of our existing bathroom. The changing of our windows throughout the entire house to vinyl dual pane glass. New drywall was installed in most areas. The kitchen was enlarged, with the addition of a breakfast nook along with new tile flooring. We installed new carpet and vinyl flooring in all other areas. And of course, fresh paint throughout. This is a fairly condensed description of the work that was done, but our house was drastically improved, at a very fair price. During the course of the project not a negative word was spoken by any member of his team. Ozzie’s cheerful and friendly personality helped make the project a nearly stress free experience. To this day, I walk through our master bedroom addition with a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction, and it has been several years since the completion of our project. So for us the home renovation experience was well worth the effort and investment, as we continue to enjoy our improved surroundings each day. As these previous paragraphs have stated, we were completely satisfied with Ozzie, and the work of Prestige Homes and Construction. Some people may feel apprehensive about a pending home improvement project, but in our case we were pleasantly surprised at how easy it can be.
  • Excellent Job

    I want to thank you and at the same time congratulate you for the excellent job you did on our guest cottage in the Greens subdivision of Healdsburg. From the first time we met you at the open house of your splendid construction in the hills above Healdsburg, we knew that we were in the presence of someone highly creative, inclined to careful detailed work, and an expert in his profession. We were actually in awe of your beautiful home that you had created and put up for sale, so we immediately knew that you were the right person to work on our cottage. All of our guests have been so very much impressed! Even the former owners spent a night with us and were amazed at the transformation from an artist's studio to a guest cottage. I am so glad that you had excellent dealings with the city so as to obtain the necessary permits. In addition the quality of your work and of your two amiable assistants cannot be matched. Most especially dealing with you personally was both a pleasure and a delight. (with plenty of laughs!) We highly recommend you and your team for future jobs. They must be ready for the best! With much gratitude and every continued good wish, I am Gratefully,