Fire & Flood Reconstruction

Bringing homes and businesses back from disaster!

When you live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area, or anywhere in Northern California for that matter, you’re bound to experience natural disasters of one kind or another at some point in your time here. They’re just a part of life and while they may be more prevalent here, they can and do occur everywhere people call home across the planet. So, owning a home or business in these areas can be a risky proposition, but, luckily, dealing with the after-effects are not nearly as stressful. Or, at least they don’t have to be, not if you call the experts at Prestige Homes & Remodel (707) 535-2055 as soon as you’ve ensured your family and/or employees are safe.

Since the Loma Prieta earthquake, all the way back in 1989, Prestige has been helping the victims of disasters in the area rebuild what earthquakes, fires, and flooding have torn down. We were there when the fires hit the Oakland Hills in 1991 and when the Russian River flooded Guerneville in 2005 and again in 2006. In fact, Prestige has been assisting those who’ve been affected get their homes and businesses back up and running after every disaster that’s hit the area and we’ll be there for you should you ever need us. There’s no better way to get back to normal than working with the dedicated professionals from Prestige.

The team at Prestige specializes in fast and efficient responses to disaster construction projects and have an extensive background in all manner of rebuilding efforts – be it residential or commercial. We understand the toll an even like this takes on our customers and do everything we can to minimize the anxiety and worry we know they’re experiencing. Remember, we lived through it too in many cases and sympathize with their emotional state. However, we have a job to do and that work allows us to actively retaliate against disaster. It gives us the opportunity to put smiles back on the faces of worried home and business owners and give the affected region back the life it had before nature struck.

That’s a powerful motivator for our teams, helping others, and they translate that drive into energy and enthusiasm for your specific project. So, you can put your fears to rest and let the dedicated team from Prestige turn your worst day into your best one with skill, precision, and respect. You deserve that treatment and we’re committed to delivering it throughout your project – from the first day to the last. So, respond to tragedy in the best way you can – call Prestige Homes & Remodel right away!

Rebuild your home after natural disasters