Residential Home Construction

From your unique vision to a home of your dreams!

You, as the customer, have a unique vision in mind for your residential construction project – no matter what that project may be. You’ve already seen it in your mind and you want it recreated to the very last detail. That’s what makes residential construction so challenging. It takes a great team to work closely with you to use that vision as our guide to sculpt reality and that’s exactly what you get when you work with Prestige – the best team you’ll find anywhere. After all, your tastes, your emotions, and, most importantly, your expectations are as integral to the process as anything we do.

Planning and implementing a construction project can be stressful for you as the customer and Prestige’s team will do all we can to minimize that stress by consulting closely with you throughout – from the first call to the last nail. It’s your home and you’re always the boss with us. As long as what you want is within the bounds of physics, we’ll see it done and ensure the work is of the finest caliber. And, it goes without saying that Presitge strives to complete every project on-time and within budget, but we said it anyway to be sure you understand the value of choosing the right contractor to partner with. That’s Prestige Homes & Remodel, Inc.

We’re often asked, “If the role of dream home contractor is so hard, why do you do it?” and our answer is always the same – personal satisfaction. There’s nothing quite like helping a homeowner to see their dream made real and watching their eyes shine with possibilities knowing they’re working with the best in the business. They can pour out their thoughts to us and see how we incorporate them into everything we do and never be left in the dark on anything related to the work – no matter how minute the detail. We want you to feel like this is your endeavor from start to finish. You made it happen, we’re just the facilitators of your vision.

When it’s time for that dream home, for that new addition to your existing home, or anything in-between, trust the dedicated craftsmen and experienced homebuilders at Prestige to deliver the work you deserve at a price that’s fair, straightforward, and always clearly explained. Your dreams don’t have to stay dreams when you “Come Home to Prestige.” Call (707) 535-2055 to start the process and get the home you’ve always wanted from the area’s premier residential construction contractor.

Residential home with double garrage by Prestige Homes & Remodel

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