Client Testimonial for Prestige Homes & Remodel

Cheerful & Friendly

Debbie and I decided it was time to embark on our home renovation journey. I went through many drawers and found Ozzie’s card. We made a telephone call to him and scheduled our first meeting. Using plans drawn up, for us, by our architect, Ozzie placed a bid on our project, along with two other contractors. We accepted the Castle Inc. bid and signed a contract. From that point on our project moved smoothly, and in a timely manner. When unforeseen circumstances arose, and adjustments were required, we easily discussed solutions, and moved forward.

Our project consisted of the addition of a master bedroom and master bath. The enlarging and complete remolding of our existing bathroom. The changing of our windows throughout the entire house to vinyl dual pane glass. New drywall was installed in most areas. The kitchen was enlarged, with the addition of a breakfast nook along with new tile flooring. We installed new carpet and vinyl flooring in all other areas. And of course, fresh paint throughout. This is a fairly condensed description of the work that was done, but our house was drastically improved, at a very fair price.

During the course of the project not a negative word was spoken by any member of his team. Ozzie’s cheerful and friendly personality helped make the project a nearly stress free experience. To this day, I walk through our master bedroom addition with a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction, and it has been several years since the completion of our project. So for us the home renovation experience was well worth the effort and investment, as we continue to enjoy our improved surroundings each day.

As these previous paragraphs have stated, we were completely satisfied with Ozzie, and the work of Prestige Homes and Construction. Some people may feel apprehensive about a pending home improvement project, but in our case we were pleasantly surprised at how easy it can be.

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